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IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition

IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition

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The wait for IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition is over, get your hands on the most awaited IQOS ILUMA device and get to know ILUMA We Limited Edition. IQOS ILUMA Prime  We Limited Edition takes the appeal of heat-no-burn tobacco to a whole new level with the new technology Smart Core Induction System™. It retains the original IQOS technology which heats the copper leaf directly from the inside. With it there is no need to worry about blade damage and no need for troublesome cleaning after use.

Do not use IQOS Iluma and Smart Core Stick™ with traditional IQOS devices (IQOS 3 Duo and earlier models) and their dedicated tobacco sticks. This may damage the device. An attractive, colorful wave adorns the soft cover of the new limited edition IQOS ILUMA Prime We.

Its elegant colors blend harmoniously to create an impressive look and feel that brings everyone together and makes everyone special and unique. It has an auto function that starts heating the tobacco automatically. Its main objective is to achieve a smoke-free society and offer new options to users. Prime We Limited Edition is one of the many customization options available for IQOS ILUMA Prime. It allows users to personalize their devices according to their style and preferences.

The IQOS ILUMA PRIME WE Limited Edition is part of a range of special editions including Stardrift Limited Edition, Obsidian Black, Bronze Taupe, Jade Green, and Gold Khaki, each offering a unique and stylish look.IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition is for use with a Terea stick only.


Can I use the same HEETS with the IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition as with the regular version?

  • Understand if the limited edition device is compatible with the same HEETS used by the standard IQOS ILUMA Prime, ensuring a seamless transition for existing users.

What inspired the design of the IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition?

  • Dive into the creative inspiration behind the limited edition's design, uncovering the artistic influences and unique elements that make this version visually distinctive.

Is the IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition available internationally, or is it region-specific?

  • Clarify the availability of the limited edition device, whether it can be purchased globally or if there are any specific regions where it might be exclusively offered.

Can I customize the IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition, or is it pre-designed?

  • Learn if users have the option to personalize their limited edition device or if it comes with a pre-set design, providing insights into the level of customization available.

What benefits or promotions come with purchasing the IQOS ILUMA Prime We Limited Edition?

  • Explore whether there are any exclusive benefits, promotions, or special offers for customers who choose the limited edition, enhancing the overall value of the purchase.
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