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MYLE META V5 Jet Black

MYLE META V5 Jet Black

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MYLE META V5 Jet Black is designed for the vaping enthusiast offering unprecedented reliability and user-friendliness. MYLE META V5 offers a variety of flavor options to satisfy every vaper's taste preferences. Explore the rich and varied world of flavors with it. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of this device that combines sophistication with innovation. This device transcends the ordinary to exude an aura of mystery and modernity. It is a vaping masterpiece designed to enhance your senses.

MYLE META V5 Jet Black is crafted with precision and passion that complements your style. Elevate your vaping ritual with this one that not only satisfies your cravings but does so with unparalleled panache. Jet Black is a powerhouse of features designed to enhance your vaping experience. Expect its seamless draw and intense flavors that will dance on your palate. Redefine your expectations with the device as this device becomes an extension of your desire for the extraordinary. Order the MYLE META V5 Jet Black today to experience a revolution in the world of vaping.


MYLE META V5 Jet Black Specification:

  •         Color: Jet Black
  •         LCD Screen: LCD digital Screen
  •         Activation: Draw Activation System
  •         Tracker: Puffs count tracker
  •         Puff Count Indicator: LED Indicator Light
  •         Battery: 380 mAh Built-in Battery
  •         Charging Type: USB Type C
  •         Rechargeable: Yes
  •         Device: 1 Rechargeable Device Per Pack
  •         Technology: Anti-leak technology
  •         Coil Resistance: 0.9 ohm
  •         Max Output Voltage: 3.7V
  •         Weight: 115g
  •         Dimension: 99.82 x 18.79 x 7.11 (mm)
  •         Compatible With: Myle V5 Meta Pods
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