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TEREA Indonesian

New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian Best Price in UAE

New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian Best Price in UAE

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  • Condition: New
  • Unit Weight: 25 – 200 g
  • 100% authentic by IQOS Indonesia
  • IQOS Terea Indonesian is only used with IQOS ILuma Devices!
  • 1 Carton / 10 small packers / 200 Sticks


New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian is a tobacco stick specially designed for use with IQOS ILUMA. The device heats the stick without any combustion and produces no ash or smoke as well as minimal odor. Its convenient and portable compact design gives you the copper experience without the need for a lighter or matches. Terea Bronze Indonesian offers a satisfying smoking experience with aromatic notes of cocoa and dried fruits. If you want to have a unique smoking experience then invest in New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian today.

What makes the new IQOS Terea Bronze  Indonesian unique?

The new IQS Terea Bronze Indonesian is unique due to its blend of sweet and aromatic tobacco married with aromatic notes of cocoa and dried fruit. This product is designed to provide a unique and satisfying tobacco experience without the drawbacks of traditional smoking. It celebrates Indonesia's rich culture and heritage, combining the nation's traditional elements with cutting-edge vaping technology. The Terea Bronze is specially designed for use with IQOS ILUMA devices featuring a pioneering bladeless SmartCore Induction System™ that works in tandem with TEREA sticks to redefine the principles of tobacco heating for a more pleasurable experience.


How to use New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian?

To use the New IQOS Terea Bronze Indonesian you must have an IQOS ILUMA device as it is specifically designed to be used with the IQOS ILUMA.

First, insert the TEREA bronze stick into the device. This device heats the tobacco stick to a precisely controlled temperature range that releases a flavored vapor without burning.

When the stick is hot, put your mouth on the device holder and take a puff. Terea Bronze ensures a clean and smooth smoking experience with every puff.

The Terea bronze stick is designed to be easy to insert and dispose of making it a convenient choice for smokers.

It is important to note that IQOS Terea is intended for use by adults 18 years of age and older and contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

Please comply with local regulations and restrictions on the sale and use of tobacco and nicotine products and keep IQOS Terea out of the reach of children and pets.



Q: How does IQOS Terea work?

A: IQOS Terea uses heat-not-burn technology to heat tobacco sticks, releasing a flavorful vapor without combustion.

Q: Is IQOS Terea safer than traditional smoking?

A: IQOS Terea significantly reduces exposure to harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, making it a potentially less harmful alternative.

Q: Where can I purchase IQOS Terea in Dubai, UAE?

A: You can find IQOS Terea at authorized retailers and online stores in Dubai, UAE.

Q: Can I use IQOS Terea in public places?

A: IQOS Terea produces no smoke and limited odor, but it's essential to follow local regulations regarding tobacco product usage in public areas.

Embrace a new era of tobacco enjoyment with IQOS Terea Indonesian, available at the best price in Dubai, UAE. Experience the future of tobacco with reduced harm and enhanced flavor. Remember to use it responsibly and in compliance with local regulations.

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