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Terea Balanced Regular

Terea Balanced Regular

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Terea Balanced Regular is full-bodied, complemented by rich flavors and citrus aromas. It is specially developed for use with IQOS ILUMA devices only. It is the Smartcore induction system that the new Terea Smartcore heats the tobacco from the stick without burning. IQOS ILUMA offers a more enjoyable experience than the previous IQOS generation. No lighters, ashtrays, or clumsy refills are required to use it. It contains fewer chemicals and its packaging is eco-friendly.

It provides a harmonious blend that gives a balanced and smooth taste. It is carefully processed efficiently to create a refined and satisfying taste. Terea Balanced Regular is a masterpiece with exceptional craftsmanship and durability that offers users a luxurious and satisfying smoking experience. Each Terea Balanced Regular packet contains 20 sticks.

Why choose Terea Balanced Regular?

Terea Balanced Regular combines sweet tobacco leaves with herbal and citrus aromas that provide a refreshing and balanced taste. Despite the sharp acidity, it offers a blend of sweet, high-quality Turkish and Burmese tobaccos. Each puff envelops you in a cascade of flavors that combine the firmness of woody undertones with the gentle embrace of nutty essence. Choose Terea Balanced Regular today for a pleasant citrus aroma and authentic tobacco taste.


Less health hazard and environment-friendly


Terea Balanced Regular contains fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes. It does not contain any toxic substances. It is also committed to environmental sustainability. Its packaging is intended to reduce environmental waste. Choosing this means you are polluting the environment less. No lighters, ashtrays, or clumsy refills are required to use it, it easily fits into your lifestyle.

Easy To Use 

You need an IQOS Iluma device to use Terea Balanced Regular. Because it is specially designed to be used with IQOS ILUMA only. It is easy to use and time-saving. Follow the steps below to use Terea Balanced Regular with IQOS ILUMA :

First, insert a Terea Balanced Regular stick into the IQOS Iluma device.

Press and hold the device button until it vibrates.

Wait for the device to heat the tobacco stick.

 Once the device vibrates again, you can start using it.

Now place your face on the device holder and take a puff. And enjoy a refreshing smoky sensation with Terea Balanced Regular

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