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IQOS Terea Bright Menthol

IQOS Terea Bright Menthol

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Terea Bright Menthol emits a strong menthol aftertaste. Its fruity flavor mixed with tobacco gives a light minty refreshing feel. It is specially developed for use with IQOS Iluma devices only. This device provides a consistent tobacco experience without burning tobacco. It does not contain tobacco residue so there is no hassle of cleaning the device. It provides a cleaner way to heat tobacco from the root. It is primarily dominated by a menthol and green fruit aroma. It leaves a lingering aftertaste that provides a refreshing and pleasant experience. 

Indulge in the rich and delicious experience of IQOS Terea Bright Regular 

IQOS Terea Bright Menthol is unique for its distinct flavor profile. Terea Bright Menthol has a sweet tobacco flavor with a cooling menthol on the exhale. Terea Bright Menthol contains a citrus menthol that has a strong refreshing sensation but is not spicy. It offers a refreshing sensation that reaches the back of the nose with a fresh and slightly sweet taste of raw citrus fruit with the freshness of green leaves. Invest in Terea Bright Menthol today for a refreshing and flavorful smoking experience.

How to use Terea Bright Menthol easily 

Terea Bright Menthol is a heat stick product designed for use with the IQOS Iluma device. It offers a fruity flavor mixed with tobacco and a light minty freshness. Follow these steps to use Terea Bright Menthol:

Make sure you have an IQOS Iluma device as Terea Bright Menthol is only compatible with these devices.

Open the IQOS Iluma device and insert the Terea Bright Menthol Heatstick into the device holder.

The device will automatically turn on when the Terea stick is inserted. Wait for it to heat up.

When the steak is hot, take a puff. Enjoy the refreshing taste and aroma of Terea Brite Menthol.

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