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Terea Tropical Menthol

Terea Tropical Menthol

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Terea Tropical Menthol provides a floral aroma and refreshing sensation. It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes and contains no substances. It delivers a perfect balance of tobacco and menthol in every puff. Terea Tropical Menthol is a balanced and fresh tasting menthol. It is a favorite among IQOS ILUMA users as it combines the sweetness of tropical fruits with the coolness of menthol.

It is specifically designed for use with IQOS ILUMA devices only. The device heats the tobacco stick without burning. Also the device is slim and stylish which is easy to use. Invest in Terea Tropical Menthol today to enhance your vaping world.

What is the flavor of Terea Tropical Menthol? 

Terea Tropical Menthol contains a delightful blend of tropical fruits and mint. It offers both a sweet and icy smoking experience that provides a cooling sensation to the throat and lungs. The tropical fruit combined with the minty coolness gives a taste that tastes like enjoying tropical fruit with a hint of menthol. 

Terea Tropical Menthol A hint of sweetness and acidity. It offers mild taste with a touch of sweetness known to provide a satisfying and refreshing smoking experience.

Why choose Terea Tropical Menthol?

Terea Tropical Menthol offers a unique and refreshing flavor profile. It combines tropical fruits with a cool menthol sensation. Once you use it you are bound to appreciate the cool taste of fresh fruit tobacco with its natural menthol aroma that provides a balanced and revitalizing experience. 

Terea Tropical Menthol is known for its exotic and vibrant flavor. If you want a cool and refreshing smoking experience then Terea Tropical Menthol is the best choice for you.

Easy to use 

You need an IQOS Iluma device to use Terea Tropical Menthol. The product is designed for use with the TEREA stick only. Follow these steps to use Terea Tropical Menthol: 

Insert the Terea Tropical Menthol stick into the IQOS Iluma device.

Press and hold the device button until it vibrates. Wait for the device to heat the tobacco stick.

Once the device vibrates again, you can start using it. Take a puff from the device and enjoy the unique and refreshing taste of Terea Tropical Menthol.

It is important to note that you should not crush or disassemble the TEREA sticks and you should not use IQOS Iluma devices and TEREA sticks with previous IQOS generations, as this may damage your device. Overall, Teriya Tropical Menthol is known to provide a satisfying and refreshing smoking experience, making it a popular choice for those looking for a unique and stimulating taste.

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