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IQOS Heets Ammil Dimensions In UAE

IQOS Heets Ammil Dimensions In UAE

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Dimensions Series was created in collaboration with a Michelin restaurant chef.

The taste is so herbal and spicy and very fresh with a pleasant slightly sweet aftertaste, like Noor.

Ammil is quite light, but the taste is straightforward and refreshing.

It comes in boxes of 10 packs. Each pack contains 20 pieces.

Suitable for: IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid

In recent years, a novel smoking alternative known as IQOS Heets Ammil has been making waves in the United Arab Emirates. This innovative product has gained significant popularity among smokers and individuals looking to transition away from traditional cigarettes. IQOS Heets Ammil, pronounced as 'IQOS Heets Ah-meel,' is a revolutionary heat-not-burn tobacco system designed to provide a safer and more convenient smoking experience.

What are IQOS Heets Ammil?

IQOS Heets Ammil consists of a compact electronic device that heats specially designed tobacco sticks, releasing a flavorful vapor that contains nicotine but eliminates many of the harmful byproducts associated with combustion. The name 'Ammil' is derived from the Arabic word for 'enjoy,' reflecting the product's emphasis on providing a satisfying smoking experience with reduced risk.

Why IQOS Heets Ammil are Gaining Popularity in UAE

IQOS Heets Ammil has gained traction in the UAE due to its numerous advantages. Firstly, it offers a tobacco experience without the presence of smoke and ash, making it more socially acceptable. Additionally, the reduced odor and absence of secondhand smoke contribute to a cleaner and more pleasant environment for users and those around them.

How to Use IQOS Heets Ammil

Using IQOS Heets Ammil is straightforward. The device consists of two main parts: the holder and the charger. The tobacco stick, or 'Heets,' is inserted into the holder and heated, producing a vapor that the user inhales. This eliminates the need for matches or lighters, as well as the production of ash.

Benefits of IQOS Heets Ammil

The benefits of IQOS Heets Ammil extend beyond the convenience of use. They include:

  • Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Fewer harmful byproducts compared to traditional cigarettes
  • No cigarette smoke odor clinging to clothes and hair
  • A wide range of flavors to choose from

Comparing IQOS Heets Ammil with Traditional Cigarettes

IQOS Heets Ammil stands out when compared to traditional cigarettes in terms of health risks. While it is not completely risk-free, the absence of combustion significantly reduces exposure to harmful toxins and carcinogens, making it a less harmful alternative.

Flavor Varieties and Options

One of the appealing aspects of IQOS Heets Ammil is the variety of flavors available, catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer classic tobacco, menthol, or fruit-infused options, there's a flavor for everyone.

Where to Buy IQOS Heets Ammil in UAE

IQOS Heets Ammil is readily available in the UAE. It can be purchased from authorized IQOS boutiques, select convenience stores and online retailers.

Cost and Affordability

The cost of using IQOS Heets Ammil is on par with traditional cigarettes, making it an economically viable choice for smokers looking to switch to a less harmful option.

Legal Status and Regulations in UAE

IQOS Heets Ammil is legally sold in the UAE, and it complies with local tobacco regulations. However, it's essential to stay updated on any changes in laws and regulations regarding its usage.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users in the UAE have shared positive experiences with IQOS Heets Ammil. They have reported enjoying the tobacco flavor without the drawbacks of traditional smoking.

Health Implications and Risks

Although IQOS Heets Ammil is considered a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, it's crucial to acknowledge that it is not entirely risk-free. Nicotine addiction remains a potential concern.

Tips for Safe Usage

To ensure the safest possible experience with IQOS Heets Ammil, users should:

  • Follow the provided user manual
  • Regularly clean the device
  • Store it properly
  • Keep it out of reach of children

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are IQOS Heets Ammil safer than traditional cigarettes?

    • IQOS Heets Ammil is considered a less harmful alternative due to reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, but it's not entirely risk-free.
  2. Can I use IQOS Heets Ammil indoors?

    • In the UAE, it is advisable to check the specific regulations for indoor use.
  3. How long does an IQOS Heets Ammil session last?

    • On average, one session lasts about 6 minutes or 14 puffs, similar to smoking a regular cigarette.
  4. Are there age restrictions for purchasing IQOS Heets Ammil?

    • Yes, you must be of legal smoking age in the UAE to purchase IQOS Heets Ammil.
  5. Can I use IQOS Heets Ammil to quit smoking?

    • While some individuals have successfully used IQOS Heets Ammil as a smoking cessation aid, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional for guidance.


IQOS Heets Ammil is changing the smoking landscape in the UAE, offering a promising alternative for those who wish to enjoy tobacco without the drawbacks of traditional cigarettes. Its growing popularity, various flavors, and reduced health risks make it an appealing choice for many. As with any tobacco product, responsible usage and adherence to local regulations are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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