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Terea Purple Menthol

Terea Purple Menthol

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Terea Purple menthol is a tobacco-based solution specially designed for use with IQOS ILUMA. It provides a burst of coolness in every puff. ​ It is a combination of menthol and dark forest fruit aroma that provides a refreshing and cooling scent. Also it maintains a perfect balance of menthol and tobacco.

IQOS TEREA Purple Menthol
It is cherry-flavored and contains menthol. It is possible that some people would experience an unpleasant chemical odor due to the reduced taste of random items. An average of 4.5-star rating has been given.

1 pack contains 20 sticks.
Body – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Intensity – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Aroma – ★★★★★ 5/5
Aromatic Notes: Dark Berry

This guarantees that each puff delivers the same cool and smooth taste as the last. Using Terea Purple Menthol is as easy as it is convenient. Which will enhance your vaping experience. It contains fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes, which reduces health risks. This tobacco blend is made with menthol and dark forest fruit aromas.

What makes Terea Purple Menthol unique ?

Terea Purple Menthol is an amazing blend. It delivers a tobacco blend with woody notes and subtle tea aromas that provide a satisfying and flavorful smoking experience. Besides it offers refreshing and cool taste which makes it unique.

Why choose Terea Purple Menthol?

Terea Purple Menthol provides a refreshing and cooling effect. It offers a sweet aroma with hints of dark berries. It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. It is a healthy option. This allows for a clean and pleasurable approach to tobacco consumption. It is also committed to environmental sustainability. Its packaging is intended to reduce environmental waste. Choosing this means you are polluting the environment less. No lighters, ashtrays or clumsy refills are required to use it, it easily fits into your lifestyle.

You need an IQOS Iluma device to use Terea Purple Menthol. The product is designed for use with the TEREA stick only. Follow these steps to use Terea Purple Menthol:

Insert the Terea Purple Menthol stick into the IQOS Iluma device.

Press and hold the device button until it vibrates.

Wait for the device to heat the tobacco stick.

Once the device vibrates again, you can start using it.

Take a puff from the device and enjoy the cool and refreshing taste of Terea Purple Menthol.

Dispose of it properly after finishing and ensure that the device and the wand used are cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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